sexta-feira, 9 de janeiro de 2009

A London Friend

(Photo by [Soulbrush])
You MUST take a look at [THIS POST] by Soulbrush!!! Não deixem de ver [ESTE POST] da Soulbrush!!!

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soulbrush disse...

aaaawww thanks so much ...her name is snuffles, she is 7 years old and here is the first post on 'dogs on thursday' about her:

Atlântico Azul disse...


aninhas disse...

Sooooo lovely :D

hugs and kisses from kikos world

Fernanda Ferreira disse...

Hi...Sailor girl...(^o^)!

I simply cannot resist animals, cats and dogs are among my favourites.
Kilas and Malato are my only pets at the moment, two Tom adorable cats.
My only dog, Groo, a "Serra da Estrela" disappeared some three years ago without a trace...I presume he was stolen from me, although the property is fenced and the gate is always locked.
Yes, a real mystery.

This London friend of yours, reminds me of Chalky, another adopted dog that Christine and David White, some of my British friends have at their home at Candemil - Vila Nova de Cerveira-, same village I have chosen to live for some 18 years now.

You've can be sure I'll be paying you a visit regularly.

Kisses and cudles,
Fernanda Ferreira